Recipes for a Great Life

Connecting Lessons with Food

Recipes for a Great Life,

The Podcast

Recipes for a Great Life is the book that fires you up, feeds your soul, and makes you feel good again. This book will help you discover life’s lessons that connect back to food. No matter what differences people may have with each other, we all come back together through food, whether at a dinner table, a local potluck, or a BBQ at the beach.

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The Author

Bruce is a military veteran turned farmer who later became an online master chef. His journey led to enriching life lessons and delicious dishes that Bruce teaches through his passion for food. Today, Bruce spends his time sharing his wisdom, teaching others how to cook, and enjoying farm life with his dog.

Bruce’s book and blog teach readers the lessons about self-love while cooking up the best farm-fresh fried chicken. Or learn how to identify your bliss, all while baking up honey-infused cornbread.

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