“If you want growth, if you want to change— start.” -Bruce Jeppesen


Having self-confidence is a priceless gift we can give ourselves. It is the cornerstone of a happy, healthy life. It is important that we feel good about ourselves because it affects how we treat others and how they treat us. Moreover, it is a need that we have to fill. Our level of self-confidence affects how much crap we tolerate in our lives. 

However, self-confidence is more than just what we see on the surface, it’s more of what goes on inside our heads. We’ve all seen people who have no trouble speaking to anyone at any time without having second thoughts about their words or actions. But deep inside, they are full of negative self-talks and insecurities. 

In this episode, Bruce relates how his own lack of confidence has limited his potential and how this one simple step that most of us avoid, has helped him to overcome this challenge. Listen in as he shares why we should make developing self-confidence a  priority, why we should stop procrastinating, how our self-talk affects us and others, and how giving off 5 minutes of our time can change our trajectory. 



00:44 Make Self-Confidence a Priority

04:33 Finding Positive Words Feels Good!

07:19 Don’t Be Afraid to Be the Dumbest Person in the Room

12:21 You Are One Step Away

16:30 Stop Procrastinating 

20:29 Decide You Want Change

24:04 Do Something Nice for Yourself





Self-confidence is built on a foundation of self-worth and self-acceptance— and it is real hard work to get to that level! In this episode, Bruce talks about how he overcame negative self-talk and develop self-confidence. #podcast… Share on X



01:56 “The things that we say if we talk negatively affect us, versus if we speak positively.” -Bruce Jeppesen

02:41 “The lack of self-confidence is part of… that energy that you’re literally feeding to yourself. And when you do that, that’s the same energy that you put out to other people.” -Bruce Jeppesen

07:31 “We have to allow ourselves to be a beginner, don’t be afraid to be the dumbest person in the room… Because if you’re the smartest person, it limits your growth potential.” -Bruce Jeppesen

12:21 “You’re one introduction, one opportunity, one sale, from something that literally could change your life.” -Bruce Jeppesen  

14:15 “If you want growth, if you want to change— start.” -Bruce Jeppesen  

20:29 “Nobody can do it for you. You just have to decide if you’re sick and tired of being where you’re at.” -Bruce Jeppesen


Meet Your Host!

Bruce Jeppesen is a military veteran turned farmer who later became an online Master Chef. His journey has allowed him to learn a few lessons that he can teach through his passion for food. Nowadays, he spends his time conveying the wisdom of life, teaching others how to cook, and enjoying life on a farm with his dog.