“Hand-in-hand with being a winner is being a hard worker.” -Tanner Bleskin


Being a winner begins each day when you wake up, with a mindset that every day can be a great day! That every situation has many different outcomes, depending on how we choose to handle it! Choosing a positive outcome for every situation will set you apart from other people who give up too soon or remain negative about the outcome of their situation. If you believe that you can achieve what you are setting out for and if you are willing to do it, then nobody can stop you.  You simply will. 

Playbook author, Tanner Bleskin had a very successful career as an athlete. He was raised to be a winner, and now he’s sharing all the secrets! Join in as Bruce and Tanner share what it takes to be a winner, the role of the family in the development and success of a child, what attributes distinguish true winners, how to avoid regrets, how to get rid of excuses, and how to keep your focus forward. 



01:59 Family Plays a Huge Role

07:39 Always Have a Goal

12:26 Start with Belief and Work Ethic

17:37 Listen and Learn  

21:48 No Excuses

26:18 Time Flies— Use It Wisely

30:08 Everybody Needs Nutrition 





No regrets, no excuses— these are what separates winners from non-winners. In this episode, Bruce and Playbook author, Tanner Bleskin discuss what it really takes to be a champ. Tune in! #podcast #RecipesForAGreatLife #athlete #sports… Share on X



05:23 “A lot had to go right for me to have all those individual accomplishments, but I go back to family. You don’t understand that until you have a family of your own.” -Tanner Bleskin

10:21 “Hand-in-hand with being a winner is being a hard worker.” -Tanner Bleskin

10:41 “All the results in the world are possible if you’re willing to show up and master the mundane things, which is very uncomfortable— doing things that you know you need to do over a long period of time— but the results show up. -Tanner Bleskin

11:07 “If you have a work ethic, you can beat a lot of people.” -Tanner Bleskin

18:30 “Marinate in the information that allows the thoughts and actions to follow.” -Tanner Bleskin

19:12 “The lack of belief in yourself is probably the worst thing that holds you back.” -Bruce Jeppesen

20:51 “It’s unbelievable watching what you’re capable of when you give yourself a chance and believe in yourself.” -Tanner Bleskin  

22:19 “Accept responsibility. Your life is your life because of the decisions and actions that you’ve made.” -Tanner Bleskin

22:37 “Time is going. You don’t get that decade back. Time is flying by faster than any of us can comprehend.” -Tanner Bleskin

30:12 “I don’t care who you are. Everybody needs nutrition.” -Tanner Bleskin

31:01 “You always catch more the more you hear things.” -Bruce Jeppesen

Meet Tanner:

Tanner Joseph Bleskin is the Owner of TJ Edge Personal Training and Network Marketing Health & Wellness online business. He is also the author of Playbook: An Athlete’s Stories to Help You Live a Healthier Life, a straightforward book on how to live a healthier life. He was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana where his athletic career blossomed. He was voted Team Captain and is a record holder in yards and receptions at Montana State for WR. He also played basketball where he led his team to win the State Championship at CMR in 2009.

He currently lives in Austin, Texas with his lovely wife, Taylor, and their son, Hudson. Outside of training and family, Tanner loves anything fishing and outdoors.

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