“You were meant to do great things, and whether you think so right now is irrelevant.” Jefferson Rogers


Being an entrepreneur is great. Besides being rewarded for your hard work, you can also enjoy being your own boss. 

However, you may be intimidated by the thought of starting a business because you are afraid that it will be too expensive and you don’t know where to get started. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of money to start a business. You can choose to start on the right path. In fact, you only need an idea and the passion to make things happen.

JKR Windows Founder, Jefferson K. Rogers built his business from zero. In a span of four years, he was able to grow his startup into a $30,000,000 company and is named  the fastest-growing replacement window company in Utah, and awarded top company growth at the 2020 D2D CON. But Jefferson did not have it easy. At 14, he started drinking and taking drugs. And for years, he suffered with low self-esteem and lack of direction. But when he thought it was over, Jefferson received the right message, at the right place, at the right time. 

Listen in as Jefferson share what it meant to go ALL IN and how he persevered his way to the top. Bruce and Jefferson also talked about how to break detrimental habits and behaviors and form healthy ones, what the value of our gift really is, how to keep our progress going, and why our health is an important factor in our success. 



02:07 Right Place, Right Time, Right Message

11:36 Understand the Value of Your Gift

16:35 Misconceptions About Starting a Business

22:49 Value Your Health

27:31 The Secret to Progress

34:18 Make Room for Productive Things

42:17 Believe That It’s Possible

47:12 If You Don’t Try, You Won’t Know

53:10 You Are Meant to Do Great Things





Starting a business is an ambitious and fulfilling endeavor— but it’s filled with challenges that only the resilient can overcome. Listen in as Bruce and Jefferson Rogers, Founder of JKR Windows share how you can grow a successful business from… Share on X



14:56 “There’s an opportunity that a lot of people just overlook because they’re so focused on that easy stuff that 95% of everybody else is focusing on.” –Jefferson Rogers

16:38 “Some misconceptions about getting into business and starting a company is… you got to have money to make money. The reality is, is if you have the right type of business model and you’ve got some grit, you can go out there and grind.” –Jefferson Rogers

20:17 “Every day, chip away at all the old bad habits and destructive habits and replace them with good habits.” –Jefferson Rogers

25:54 “One of the big issues is people don’t pay attention. They just go about their business.” Jefferson Rogers

25:44 “If that doesn’t make you at least question a few things, you’re not paying attention.” -Bruce Jeppesen

30:46 “Basically writing [your goals] down as if they’ve already happened is tricking my subconscious to believe that they have happened. All I’ve got to do is go out there and take action. And the rest is going to be put in front of me as an opportunity.”  Jefferson Rogers

32:39 “You have to have a ridiculous amount of faith that these things are going to happen. As long as you’re continuing to do the things that are moving you closer to that goal, it will happen. But what people have a problem doing is being consistent long enough for anything to present itself.” Jefferson Rogers

35:44 “Whether you do that at a small level or a big level is completely up to the habits that you create in your life between now and whatever that future version of yourself looks like.” Jefferson Rogers

46:57 “There’s nothing that separates those guys that have done big things besides time, experience, and belief.” -Bruce Jeppesen 

47:42 “If you never try, you’ll never know if there was a chance that you could have become one of those success stories.” Jefferson Rogers

53:53 “Success principles are all very simple principles. The difference in the people that become successful and that don’t are the ones that can apply these very simple principles consistently over a long enough period of time to see the results.” Jefferson Rogers

53:18 “You were meant to do great things, and whether you think so right now is irrelevant.” Jefferson Rogers


Meet Jefferson:

CEO, author, and podcast host Jefferson K. Rogers is the head of JKR Windows, a $30 million company that he built from scratch in just four short years. While growing his business, Jefferson learned a ton of valuable lessons the hard way.

JKR Windows was recently named the fastest-growing replacement window company in Utah and awarded top company growth at the 2020 D2D CON. Today, Jefferson has 65,000 followers on Instagram and is dedicated to not only building on his own success but also helping others. Jefferson hosts his own podcast, ALL IN. and guides aspiring entrepreneurs to clarify their vision, invest in themselves, and achieve their biggest goals with his mentoring event, ALL IN