You can’t go wrong with Mom’s fried chicken. This classic dish uses simple ingredients but packs in the flavor, especially when drizzled in this homemade gravy.

Serve it at your next gathering or save it for yourself.


  • Chicken legs or thighs with skin on
  • Flour
  • Crisco or butter
  • Additional spices to taste
  • Milk

Fried Chicken Directions

1) 1 full chicken separated or package of chicken legs/thighs. Leave skin on.

2) Wash well and pat dry with paper towels.

3) Roll in flour (can add additional spices if desired).

4) Melt Crisco or butter in your favorite pan and just enough to keep the bottom of the pan wet.

5) Arrange chicken in the pan, and try to keep a small gap between pieces if possible.

6) Cook on medium low to medium heat for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

7) Turn pieces 1 time to get desired doneness and level of brown crust.

8) Use an instant read thermometer to verify the chicken is cooked to at least 165 Degrees internal temperature.

9) Remove from the pan and let rest, loosely cover with aluminum foil.

Gravy Directions

1) Set heat to medium.  

2) Use 3 Tbsp flour and mix in with drippings and add in slowly while stirring to minimize lumps. 

3) Cook until flour starts to brown then add milk starting with 1 cup.

4) Add seasoning to taste and keep stirring constantly.

5) If lumps form, stir rapidly and they can be mashed with a fork or spoon.